Monday, October 24, 2011

Test message...


  1. Hey brother - really appreciate your videos.

    Just ordered my volt - trying to figure out which charger to buy. The car will go in middle garage bay and the best location for the charger is on ceiling. So the cord would not be connected to the charging unit. Instead the cord would dangle down with spring wires - so that it stays over head when not in use but can easily be pulled down to plug in. Will this work with the Voltec charger - the $500 version? Worried about the flashlight and any other concerns because the plug will not be connected to the charger.

  2. Some have attached it to a pole in the garage middle. The cord doesn't have to go back in the charger when not in use with the SPX, it's just a holder for it. It might be better to have it on the upper wall instead of upside down on the ceiling and have the cord strung along the ceiling and down to the car via hanging. Best of luck.